Our Story: A Fusion of Flavours, Steeped in Wanderlust

The journey of Alchemix Tea began with a single sip. Aphinya, captivated by the vibrant tea culture of Thailand, was particularly drawn to the stories surrounding matcha, the fabled green tea revered in Japan. Though her travels hadn’t yet taken her to the Land of the Rising Sun, the tales of its focused energy and rich history ignited a spark of wonder.

Back home in the beautiful Southland, that spark refused to fade. Determined to share this captivating world of tea with her fellow Kiwis, Aphinya embarked on a mission. Alchemix Tea was born, a fusion of her Thai heritage and a deep respect for Japanese tea traditions.

Our Mission: Transformative Teas, Crafted with Kiwi Care

We source our matcha with the utmost care, ensuring the highest quality and the purest expression of its flavour. Our butterfly pea flowers, blooming under the warm Southland sun, are meticulously dried to preserve their mesmerizing color-changing properties.

Alchemix Tea is more than just a shop; it’s a portal to a world of mindful rituals and transformative experiences. Whether you seek the focused energy of matcha to power your day, or the calming serenity of butterfly pea tea to unwind, we have a cup waiting for you.

The Alchemix Difference

Premium Quality: We source our teas with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring exceptional taste and experience.

A Touch of Kiwi Magic: We bring the world of tea to New Zealand with a touch of local love and ingenuity.

Inspired by Tradition, Crafted with Care: We believe in the power of tea to enhance well-being and create moments of mindful connection.

"I'm hooked on butterfly pea tea! It's become my evening ritual for winding down – the color is so calming. It has a subtle, pleasant taste, and I feel great knowing I'm getting a boost of antioxidants. Highly recommend!"

– Jessica M

As a former coffee addict, this matcha is a game-changer. It gives me a clean, focused energy without the crash. The flavour is unique and satisfying. I'm officially converted!