Wellness in a Cup

Wellness in a cup. Energize your morning, unwind your evening. Your daily dose of delicious and delightful with Butterfly Pea Tea and Latte Grade Matcha.

Butterfly Pea Tea

 Wellness Never Tasted So Beautiful.

Antioxidant-rich, caffeine-free, and a visual delight. Ditch dull teas, embrace the vibrant health of butterfly pea. Promote healthy skin and hair with this naturally sourced tea wonder.

Latte Grade Premium Matcha

This finely milled, latte-quality powder whisks effortlessly into smooth, frothy lattes or decadent desserts. Experience the energizing focus and rich antioxidant benefits reserved for the finest Japanese matcha. Upgrade your morning ritual or add a touch of luxury to your culinary creations.

The Perfect Balance: Night & Day Tea Bundle

Discover the contrasting magic of vibrant blue and earthy green. Butterfly pea tea for soothing evenings and energizing matcha to power your day. Experience balance and wellness, one cup at a time.