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General Matcha Questions

What is matcha?

A finely ground powder made from shade-grown green tea leaves, offering a concentrated dose of antioxidants and a unique flavor profile.

How is matcha different from regular green tea?

Matcha uses the whole tea leaf, giving it a more intense flavor, higher nutrient content, and a smoother texture than brewed green tea.

What are the different grades of matcha?

Culinary grade (for baking/cooking), latte grade (most versatile for drinking, baking and cooking), ceremonial grade (highest quality for drinking), and everything in between.

What are the benefits of drinking matcha?

May boost energy, enhance focus, support metabolism, and offer powerful antioxidants.

How long does matcha powder last?

Check the expiration date. Store in a cool, dark, airtight container for optimal freshness – or just use our sealed bag.

Why is my matcha bitter?

This could be due to low-quality matcha, using overly hot water, or not whisking properly.

Can I sweeten matcha?

Yes, a bit of honey, maple syrup, or your preferred sweetener can balance the flavour.

General Butterfly Pea Tea Questions

What is butterfly pea tea?

A herbal tea made from dried butterfly pea flowers (Clitoria ternatea), a plant native to Southeast Asia.

What makes butterfly pea tea special?

It’s known for its vibrant blue color and its ability to magically change color to purple/pink when acidity (like lemon juice) is added.

Does butterfly pea tea have caffeine?

No, it’s naturally caffeine-free, making it a great option for any time of day.

What does butterfly pea tea taste like?

It has a subtle, earthy, and slightly grassy flavor that’s mild and refreshing.

What are the potential benefits of butterfly pea tea?

Traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine, and associated with antioxidant properties and potential benefits for hair and skin health.

How do I prepare butterfly pea tea?

Steep dried flowers in hot water for several minutes until the water turns a deep blue.

Can I drink butterfly pea tea hot or cold?

Both! Enjoy as a warm, soothing drink or create refreshing iced butterfly pea tea beverages.

Can I use butterfly pea tea in lattes or cocktails?

Absolutely! Its vibrant color and subtle flavor add a unique touch to various drinks.

Can I adjust the intensity of the blue colour?

Yes, longer steeping times and using more flowers will result in deeper blues.