Butterfly Pea Tea

Butterfly Pea Tea – a beautiful blue, caffeine-free herbal tea with delicate flavour notes and potential health benefits. A touch of citrus creates a magical color change!

Weight: 50G | 1.8 oz | Approx. 25 serves

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Where blue turns to purple, and flavour unfolds.

Relax and Unwind with Butterfly Pea Flowers

Butterfly pea tea boasts a high concentration of antioxidants called anthocyanins. These antioxidants help fight harmful free radicals in the body, promoting overall health and potentially protecting against cellular damage.



Looking for a delicious and calming beverage without the caffeine buzz? Butterfly pea tea is a naturally caffeine-free herbal tea, making it a perfect choice for winding down in the evening or enjoying a relaxing moment any time of day.


Butterfly Pea Tea

Transforms from vibrant blue to purple with a touch of acid.

Offers a mild, slightly sweet, and earthy taste.

Packed with beneficial antioxidants for well-being.

1. Mood-Boosting Potential

Butterfly pea tea may have a positive effect on mood, helping to reduce stress and promote feelings of calm.

2. May Improve Brain Function

Studies suggest butterfly pea tea could support brain health, potentially improving memory and cognitive function.

3. Possible Blood Sugar Management

Early research indicates butterfly pea tea may aid in managing blood sugar levels.

4. Potential Anti-Inflammatory Effects

The antioxidants in butterfly pea tea may help reduce inflammation in the body.

5. Could Promote Heart Health

Butterfly pea tea may help support heart health by potentially lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

6. May Support Hair Growth

The antioxidants in butterfly pea tea could promote healthy hair growth and reduce hair loss.

7. May Support Cognitive Function

Some studies suggest that matcha could improve aspects of attention, memory, and reaction time.

8. May Aid Digestion

Butterfly pea tea has been traditionally used to support digestive health.

9. Potential Anti-Aging Benefits

The antioxidants in butterfly pea tea may help protect skin cells and promote a youthful appearance.

10. Versatile Ingredient

Butterfly pea tea can be used in lattes, cocktails, baked goods, and more, adding its color and subtle flavor.

Ways to use Butterfly Pea Tea

— Brew

— Beauty

— Bake

— Smoothies, Lattes & Shakes

Forget boring cocktails! Butterfly pea tea adds a gorgeous colour to my homemade lemonade, and that little squeeze of lemon at the end? Pure magic as it turns pink. My friends are always amazed!"

 Jess P, Auckland

Honestly, I bought this for the colour, but the taste surprised me! It's subtly earthy and way more interesting than plain herbal tea.

– Olivia M. Christchurch

Healthy can be Delicious

From smoothies, to lattes to pancakes. We’ve got recipes for you to enjoy your butterfly pea tea. Check them out below.

Simple Ingredients. Simple Recipes

 Butterfly Pea Tea

Unleash the enchantment. Create a colour changing spectacle with your own bag of blue potion today. Enjoy the mild flavour and the playful transformation from mystical blue to vibrant purple with a touch of citrus.

Weight: 50G | 1.8 oz | Approx. 25 serves

Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $22.50.