Night & Day Tea Bundle

Ignite your mornings with matcha’s focused energy and unwind with the colour-changing magic of butterfly pea tea at night. A tea bundle for every mood.


Vibrant Flavour, Vibrant You.

Matcha – Your Day Time Spark

Fuel your mornings with the wellness power of matcha. This vibrant green tea delivers focused energy, a boost of antioxidants to protect your cells, and supports both mental clarity and physical vitality.

Butterfly Pea Tea – Your Evening Unwind

As the day fades, embrace a ritual of tranquility. Butterfly pea tea’s mesmerizing color shift and gentle flavor offer a touch of magic for your evenings. Soothing, caffeine-free, and a natural invitation to unwind.

Ways to use day & night bundle

— Brew

— Bake

— Sprinkle

— Smoothies, Lattes & Shakes

Obsessed with this matcha! Perfect for my morning lattes, gives me the perfect boost and tastes amazing. So glad I discovered this.

— M.S.

This stuff is amazing – lattes, smoothies, pancakes, even matcha ice cream.

— Lyra Q

My new mindful morning must-have! Matcha has completely changed my morning routine.

— Emma S.

Healthy can be Delicious

From smoothies, to lattes to pancakes. We’ve got recipes for you to enjoy your matcha. Check them out below.

Simple Ingredients. Simple Recipes

Matcha for Mornings, Butterfly Pea for Nights

Why Choose Our Bundle?

    • Energy and Calm: The perfect balance for a productive day and restful night.
    • Premium Quality: We source only the finest matcha and butterfly pea flowers for exceptional flavor and benefits.
    • Experience the Magic: Enjoy the vibrant energy of matcha and the colour-changing wonder of butterfly pea tea.